Yaku Cushion


Only the longest and silkiest of alpaca furs are used to craft these Yaku cushions. Yaku stands for “water”  in Quechua, native language to the Peruvian Highlands. The cushion hold a soft air-pockets in the fur, making it feel like a gentle breeze is blowing at your fingertips when you slide your hand through the fur. Each cushion is unique, due to the natural materials being used. All cushions reflect light in a most surprising and beautiful way, creating a stunning  signature for any sofa, bed or interior. Perfect choice for people with sensitive skin as these cushions are absolutely allergy-gree.

All our cushions are made of cruelty-free alpaca fur, meaning no animal was mistreated in any way to craft them. Alpacas are too valuable wool bearing animals to be killed for their fur. Only pelts from animals that have passed away by natural death have been used, thus you can enjoy the lustrous pleasures of alpaca fur with a clear conscience. Backside of the cushions is suede cloth.

natural alpaca fur

suede cloth

inside cushions available upon request

beige paper gift bag

Alpaca fur cushion cover with long hair