Alpaca Sweaters and Cardigans are oozing with warmth and softness, perfect for people with sensitive skin. Our knitwear is meant for real people living real lives and who appreciate the beauty and comfort of alpaca fiber from Peruvian Highlands. Baby alpaca and superfine alpaca are knitted into garments,  where classical beauty meets modern and minimalism resides with alluring twists.

Alpaca wool sweater

Baby alpaca wool sweaters and knitwear models in mild color palette play with surprising symmetries and textures to bring out the excellent charm of alpaca wool at its finest. Our Nordic design approach balances between timeless silhouette and exciting twists. You can emphasize or play down the garments as you wish by mixing them on top of smart dresses or casual jeans or T-shirt.

All our sweaters are crafted from baby alpaca and superfine alpaca wool from the Peruvian Higlands. Alpaca wool is remarkable in insulating warmth, allowing you to feel cozy comfort and warmest of emotions wherever you go.  Alpaca sweater is a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin, because alpaca wool is allergy-free and non-prickly. Lightweight but durable, dirt and water repellent, perfect protection from the cold and wind  – alpaca wool sweater is a truly exceptional garment and a great alternative to sheep wool or cashmere sweater. Our sweater designs range from over-sized alpaca cardigans to classical sweaters with different neckline types and one-size-fits-all ponchos or capes. All our pure baby alpaca sweaters or alpaca-blend knits just beg to be touched, stroked and lived in.

Alpaca cardigan collection

Our design approach draws inspiration from the misty Nordic sky and its ever-changing beautiful shapes. Cloud-soft baby alpaca yarn, opulent silhouettes and curvy motifs offer delight to your senses and that desired comfort. Designed to provide you real luxury of natural baby alpaca wool, our knitwear and clothes have a soft and cozy feel, enhanced by the lovely texture different natural yarns.

Alpaca cardigans for women include many different designs from mid- to full-length cardigans that will warm up your autumn and wintertime in blink of an eye. Wearable also on a chilly summer night for a dose of warmth and coziness.  Alpaca wool cardigans come in both classical color palette and muted pastel shades but also in some more brighter colors.

Alpaca wool cardigans bring together the incredibly warm and soft fiber from Peruvian Higlands, Nordic design sense and subtle natural color palette. Crafted from extremely soft and heat-efficient baby alpaca and superfine alpaca wool, our cardigans are a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin, as they are all allergy-free and non-prickly. Alpaca wool cardigan is a great alternative to sheep wool or cashmere garments, wearable as an outer layer in mild weather or insulating inner layer when temperatures drop lower and you need that extra natural protection. Mix and match with a casual or smart dress to take your sophisticated look from office to the relaxed evenings.