Our ponchos and capes are elegant wardrobe items, where the natural warmth of silky and luxurious alpaca fibre is combined with sophistication and comfort. These one-sized classics provide perfect protection as extra layers during colder days while being elegant statement pieces. The colour selection includes mostly classic and timeless hues, but you may also discover some more vivid tones.

All our baby alpaca wool capes and ponchos feature simple lines and minimalist cuts, designed to be easy to style with any outfit. Drape it on your shoulders and combine it with a belt or brooch for an elevated look. 

All our baby alpaca capes and ponchos are made of baby alpaca wool sourced from the highest heights in the Peruvian Andes. The softness of alpaca wool is only comparable to cashmere, known to be 5-7 times warmer than sheep wool, allergy-free and non-prickly. By being silky, lightweight and durable – the qualities of baby alpaca wool are unrivalled. Wrap yourself in our alpaca poncho and enjoy the soft, luxurious feel and embrace of the finest of materials.