Our alpaca hats and beanies are super-soft accessories where warmth and coziness are combined with an elegant look. All the baby alpaca and superfine alpaca hats have superior insulation and breathability, that make them a perfect choice to wear with cold and wind.

Cloud-soft baby alpaca hats are an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin, as they are allergy-free and non-prickly. All our hats and beanies are made of the baby alpaca and superfine alpaca from Peruvian Highlands, sustainable choice and thus conscious alternative to cashmere with similar and even better qualities.  Baby alpaca and superfine alpaca is extremely warm and soft, lightweight but durable, water and dirt repellent – thus perfectly suitable to wear at colder weather and experience superior comfort. Mix, match and wear with a matching color or same texture scarf and enjoy warmest of emotions with every moment!

Our baby alpaca and superfine alpaca hats and beanies have a very easygoing design with special accent of a fantasy yarn or subtle design features. Most of the styles are available with or without cruelty-free natural alpaca fur pom-pom, which you can also easily remove as a popper if you wish. Simple timeless design allows you to mix and match our alpaca hats with any outfit. Color palette ranges from classical colors to trendy pastels and more brightful tones, so something for everyone. Enjoy warmest of emotions offered by the luxurious touch and warmth, offered by natural baby alpaca and superfine alpaca fiber hats!