Our clothing line for women focuses on luxurious wardrobe essentials with timeless appeal, unrivalled softness and comfort. The collection is crafted from luxuriously silky and warm alpaca wool from Peruvian Highlands – all garments are naturally breathable and plush, thus perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Alpaca clothing are perfect for people who find sheep wool to be too irritating and scratchy, as it is suitable for sensitive skin. Alpaca wool is allergy-free and non-prickly, making it excellent for knitting and weaving super-soft garments.  The simple lines and sophisticated cuts are designed to beautifully complement your existing wardrobe. The colors include classic tones and exclusive shades. 

Our alpaca clothing collection is brimming with charming softness and timeless styles. Great as an outer layer during sunny spring and autumn days and conveniently offering an extra layer of warmth when needed.  The designs include baby alpaca jackets to slip-on alpaca ponchos and capes with round back or fringes at the hem. 

Alpaca clothing items are easy to mix and style with almost any outfit and they make perfect companions to anyone who enjoys a timeless look while feeling warm and protected at the same time.