ALPAKA teddies are handmade with love and care and they bring smile to the face of each receiver. Available in four sizes, multiple colours and fur types, each teddy bear has a unique character and delightful appearance. Perfect gift for people with sensitive skin as all our teddy bears are
allergy-free, bringing warmest of hugs to everybody!

ALPAKA teddy bears are all handmade from natural alpaca fur, one of the most silky and soft fibers in the world. The fur is processed in a traditional way, using skilled craftsmen and only guilt-free natural alpaca fur of highest quality standards. No two teddies are identical, so you can be sure to receive your own original and unique teddy bear.

Feel welcome to choose between unique long fur Yaku teddies or traditional short fur Inti and Sami teddies. These lovely and cute alpaca fur teddy bears are equally loved both by children and grown-ups. They are the perfect gifts for your family, friends and loved ones on special occasions.