Sami Cushion


Our beautifully luxurious Sami Cushions will enhance your home throughout the seasons. All of the cushions in the Sami collection are made of the fur of the alpaca breed Huacaya, who make up about 80% of the alpaca population in Peru. When it comes to fur, there is no better way to judge the quality than to use your sense of touch, which is why we handpick only the finest furs directly from local communities. Soft, warm and comfortable, these cushions are the perfect companions for cuddling up on the sofa. Sink into the natural and relaxing feel of one of the world´s most exclusive materials.
All our cushions are made using guilt-free alpaca fur and no animal was hurt in the process. The cushion cover backing is made from 100% baby alpaca wool for an all-around luxury.

natural alpaca fur

100% baby alpaca 

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