All our ALPAKA wool collection products are mostly made of natural materials. We therefore recommend you take your product to the local dry cleaning service, as machine wash could damage the product in the cleaning process.

Dry Cleaning

Please use your local professional cleaning service that has experience with natural alpaca wool. Some wool may start pilling (the appearance of tiny balls of fluff on the surface of the product). Dry cleaning may increase some pilling, but your cleaner should remove them as part of finishing process. Inform your cleaner of any spots or stains that you know of. Ask the cleaning service to use a fresh solvent in low temperature and a cleaning process that does not involve tumbling.


If you decide to wash your alpaca wool product by hand, please use lukewarm (30°C) water and very light detergent or wool shampoo. Never use chlorine bleach or similar chemical compound. Rinse the item as many times as needed to wash off any detergent or shampoo from the product. Remove excess water by carefully pressing the wet product by hand, avoiding twisting or creasing.

Dry your washed product flat or in horizontal position and in shade, avoiding stretching. Do not hang it on a rope and do not tumble dry. The dried item can be ironed on low temperature, if needed. Before storing your alpaca product, make sure that the item is completely dry and that the storing place has no humidity. However, we recommend regular (yearly) dry cleaning, if needed.


Use low temperature or the WOOL setting on the iron and be sure to add water. Steamed heat should always be used when pressing. Avoid extreme pressure and extreme temperature.


We recommend professional dry cleaning service to remove stubborn stains. So not use machine wash, as this could harm the product.


All of our ALPAKA products, such as Rugs, Throws, Cushions, Teddy Bears and Pompoms are made of natural alpaca fur. Each product has a unique appearance, both in terms of colour variations and physical qualities of the alpaca fur. We therefore recommend professional dry cleaning service to clean your natural alpaca fur product.

Every item of natural alpaca fur is different due to the singular and exclusive quality of the fine alpaca fibre that reflects light in a most unique and beautiful way. All our products made of natural alpaca fur may at first shed some fibres as a natural process. You can fluff your alpaca fur product outdoors to remove the loose fibres.


All our natural alpaca fur products should not be kept in damp and humid environments. Water and humidity always damage natural materials, including natural alpaca fur. You may vacuum clean your alpaca fur product regularly, using a smooth and gentle mouthpiece; never use industrial or wet vacuum cleaner, this may damage your alpaca fur product. Brush your alpaca fur item regularly if needed, as this helps to maintain its appearance for a longer period of time. It is recommended, that dirt and particles that can not be reached by vacuum cleaner, should be removed by professional cleaning service. For further information, feel welcome to contact ALPAKA!

Wet Stains

Treat the wet stains as quickly as possible without letting them to dry – it is harder to clean them later if not impossible. Use a wet sponge or kitchen paper to remove as much liquid from the alpaca fur as possible and then dab the stain with white cloth or a white piece of kitchen or toilet paper. Repeat the procedure until the stain disappears. Always work from the edges toward the center of the stain, to keep it from spreading around. Always dab the alpaca fur, never rub or scrub it. After removing the stains, dry the alpaca fur carefully with clean towel, dry kitchen paper or a hair dryer or take it outside (only with dry weather).


Collect particles from the alpaca fur with your fingers if possible. Do not use a sharp object to remove the stains, that could damage the alpaca fur and leather beneath it. If dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, use a smooth mouthpiece and do not wet the stain. If all the dirt can not be removed from the alpaca fur with a vacuum cleaner, dab the stain with a wet sponge and treat the stain as indicated under the section of wet stains.


Please do not leave the dyed colour alpaca fur product under direct heavy sunlight, as this may damage the appearance of the colour shades and variations.