Alpaca hats for men are elegant accessories with excellent warmth and a luxurious feel. Baby alpaca wool from the Peruvian Highlands provides natural softness and protection, it is very lightweight yet remarkably durable. Perfect for men with sensitive skin as they are allergy-free and non-prickly.

Alpaca hats for men come in a simple and contemporary design with exciting accents and beautiful textures. The hats are easy to mix and match with any type of outfit – a casual jacket as well as a smart overcoat. The colour palette includes both classical and more trendy shades – ideal for men who are looking for a timeless accessory. Wearable as an easygoing beanie or turn back the ribbed hem to make it into a shorter and more tight cap-fit. Alpaca wool hats for men provide excellent warmth and silkiness to make you feel cosy and protected – outsmart the weather!