All our natural alpaca fur rugs are handmade with love and care and of truly soft and gentle top quality alpaca fur from the Peruvian Highlands. Available both in natural and dyed colors, including natural white, light beige and beige. Divided by three different fur
types Yaku, Inti and Sami, each describing the different characteristics of the fur. The fur types are named after Quechua, native language to the Peruvian Andean mountains. All our luxurious alpaca fur rugs have a special softening layer of thermowadding mattress between the alpaca fur and anti-slip backing to ensure the highest quality finishing and softest feel. Mostly custom made according to your size and shape requests, feel welcome to enquire about production time and detailed pricing. Alpaca fur rugs are unique signatures for any home or interior.

ALPAKA is considered the leading producer of natural alpaca fur rugs in the world. Our rugs are handmade with careful selection of guilt-free alpaca fur, picked in person under strict supervision, giving attention to the highest quality standards and maximum customer satisfaction. We invest time and resources in using traditional  fur processing, so the result provides you with opulence and beauty of our rugs with every step. Excellent choice for people with sensitive skin as all our rugs are allergy-free. Only cruelty-free alpaca fur has been used, meaning no alpacas were hurt or mistreated in any way to craft our rugs. Alpaca fur is extremely soft and silky to the touch, filling every home and interior with warmest of emotions.