Our cushion selection includes both naturally lush and silky alpaca fur cushions and baby alpaca wool cushions. Alpaca fur cushions are available both in dyed and natural colors. Slight variations and differences in the fur colors and shades are part of the unique natural style natural alpaca fur material.

Natural colors include white, light beige and beige, for dyed colors, see color selection under specific product. We use pure baby alpaca wool for the fur cushion backing, so the result is 100% natural and allergy-free product on both sides. Double-sided fur cushions are also available upon request, please enquire for pricing and stock availability. ALPAKA cushions are classy decor items for any living space or interior, providing warmest of emotions to all!

ALPAKA is one of the leading alpaca fur producers in the world, using highest quality standards to manufacture authentic alpaca fur products. We use traditional handicraft techniques and fiber processing, so that every customer can feel the luxurious quality of our alpaca fur cushions with every touch. We pick our alpaca wool and fur materials from the Peruvian Highlands in person, so we can guarantee the best quality, and then bring across the world to the Nordic country of Estonia, where these materials are fashioned into something special and unique, such as our alpaca cushions. All our alpaca fur cushions are handmade from guilt-free alpaca fur, meaning no alpacas were harmed or mistreated to make the final products. Each cushion will bring warmest of emotions to your life!