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Fur Trim Throw


Luxurious baby alpaca throw with natural alpaca fur trimming, where elegance meets the soft touch of authentic natural materials. The fur for the hand made trimming has been carefully selected to be the longest and silkiest of alpaca furs. Each throw is slightly unique both in color variations and physical qualities of fur as only natural materials have been used.

This throw is trimmed with cruelty-free natural alpaca fur, meaning no alpacas were mistreated to craft the throw. Alpacas are too valuable to be killed for their fur, so we only use the skins from animals that have passed away naturally. Meaning we are using materials that otherwise might have been wasted and we give it a new purpose.

100% baby alpaca with natural alpaca fur trim

beige paper gift bag if curbside pickup


Baby alpaca throw with long-haired alpaca fur trimming